Water Ripples Tea Tray

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Water Ripples Tea Tray is a Japanese tea tray with a low-profile carved texture of a Japanese rock garden. This tea tray's carved texture will make you feel calm while collecting tea liquid to keep the table clean. All of these will provide you with a wonderful tea experience.

  • High quality bamboo.
    The high-pressure production process, let this tea tray is strong and suitable for daily use.
  • Simple and meditation design.
    The rock garden carved texture combines modern and eastern meditation.
    It is Nature and elegant beauty.
  • Water ripples and Drained lines design.
    Drained lines can prevent tea overflow the tray and keep the table clean.
  • Soft and Non-slip pad.
    Protect the table away from scratches and keep it more stable.
  • Right size.
    It's just the right size to use along with the tea mat.
  • Get more about tea delight from this tea tray.


204 x 204 mm

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10 pcs/ctn