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Do I qualify

Your business types in below may qualify for wholesale pricing if you are placing an order::
▪ Retail Establishment
Houseware & Home Supplies Store
Gift Shop

▪ Food & Beverage Establishment / HORECA
Grocery Store
Tea/Coffee Shop

▪ Lodging Establishment
Bed and Breakfast

▪ Online Store
▪ Trading Company
▪ Supply Chain Service
▪ Industrial Design
▪ Brand Company
▪ Other Commercial Wholesale or Sales Channels

In order to create a wholesale account, you must first complete the standard registration process and apply for wholesale status. We will review your account information and activate the account as soon as possible.

We require all customers to meet USD$1,000 minimum for opening order and USD$500 for reorder. Each order must be prepaid.

We reserve the right to deny or revoke wholesale account status as deemed necessary.