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FAQs of Products

What materials are EILONG® products made from ?
Part of good design is choosing the appropriate material and manufacturing in the most efficient way to maximize use of these materials. The majority of EILONG® products are made from the following materials:

•Borosilicate Glass:
Characteristics: Resistant to momentary temperature differences of 150℃ and we only use top specification borosilicate glass; it is very strong glass composition that will not cloud or stain from use and doesn’t react with tea or coffee. Dishwasher safe.

•Fine Porcelain:
The material usually included is kaolin clay, which is produced in kiln at 1260°C. The texture, intensity and light transmission of porcelain come mainly from these high temperatures of glassing and SiO2 minerals. It is low water absorption, excellent surface luster, doesn’t react with tea or coffee, dishwasher safe.
Where are EILONG® products manufactured ?
EILONG® products are manufactured in Taiwan and Mainland China. Those factories which meet and operate under the same social responsibility guidelines as our company.
Where can I get the latest EILONG® catalogue ?
You can view and download the latest catalogue on Catalog.
I am interested in becoming a EILONG® reseller, who should I contact ?
Please use the Contact List on this website.
I broke the glass or porcelain products. Is a replacement covered under warranty ?
The glass and ceramics are physically fragile commodities, so we do not provide any guarantee for damage to our glass or ceramic products. Unless it is a factory defect or shipping damage, we will only provide replacements within 7 days after the package arrived.
Am I able to send my defective product in for repair (under warranty or against payment) ?
If a product should break during the warranty period, we generally replace it with a new one. No warranty entitlement exists if the defect or damage has occurred due to incorrect use, maintenance or care of the product.
I purchased EILONG® product from dealer. In the event of a warranty issue, can I contact EILONG® directly ?
In the event of a warranty issue please always initially contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product.
How do I locate the right replacement part ?
In our online shop you will find that every product has a link for "Replacement Parts" if replacement parts are available for the respective product. If the "Replacement Parts" link does not exist then this means that there are no replacement parts for that particular product.
My EILONG® product is defective. I do not have a sales receipt because it was a gift. Am I still able to make a claim against the product guarantee ?
Unfortunately not. Product guarantee claims can only be validated together with a valid dated proof of purchase document.

If you have any questions or concerns about order or purchase, please email us int-service@eilong.com.tw and we will deal with your issue as soon as possible.