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Taiwan Retail Stores


Jiufen |

No.296, Qingbian Rd., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 224, Taiwan
AM 11:00-PM 20:00
TEL: +886-2-24969685
Mail: jiufen2014@eilong.com.tw

YoungKong |

No.16, Ln.31, Yongkang St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan
AM 11:00-PM 20:00
TEL: +886-2-23432311
Mail: ykeilong@eilong.com.tw

Yingge |

1F., No.62-1, Chongqing St., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City 239, Taiwan
AM 10:00-PM 19:00
TEL: +886-2-26791917
Mail: 26791917@eilong.com.tw

Yilan | National Center for Tranditional Arts

No.201, Sec.2, Wubin Rd., Wujie Township, Yilan County 268, Taiwan
AM 09:00-PM 18:00
TEL: +886-3-9507649
Mail: ta_eilong@eilong.com.tw