Glass Tea Tasting Set (130ml)

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Good tea is from the most professional tea competition.Choosing a good accessory is very important. It is easy to operate and is convenient to present. Focus on looking at tea shapes and smelling the tea aroma. You can detect the original tea aroma as well as something sweet. Experience and compare the teas in the world. Feel the charm and attractiveness of the tea.

  • How to use it:
    Step 1: Put some tea leaves in a saucer.
    Step 2: Examine the tea leaves for color and shape.
    Step 3: Fill the cup with 3 grams of tea leaves.
    Step 4: Pour water at the proper temperature and capacity.
    Step 5: Close the lid and set aside for 5–6 minutes.
    Step 6: Place the tasting set on the rim of the bowl and turn it over until the tea stops dripping.
    Step 7: Pick up the lid. You can smell the tea aroma from the hot tea leaves.
    Step 8: We can look at the color of the tea in the bowl.
    Step 9: After the tea has cooled, evaluate and taste the fragrance and sweetness of the tea.
    Step 10: Place a few tea leaves on the saucer so that we can easily and clearly inspect the stretched tea leaves.
Borosilicate Glass.

130 ml / 4.39 oz

pot 95 x 95 mm
cup 95 x 60 mm

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27 pcs/ctn