Tea Master Teapot-Bagua (700ml)

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Every tea connoisseur knows that a good or bad teapot can affect the tea-making and drinking experience, because the tea time is a precious time for tea lovers. That’s why you need our Tea Master-Bagua glass teapot, which has a cultural design. Every element of this teapot will add to the elegance and artistic ambience of your tea journey.

  • Has a totem texture design full of history and culture.
  • Heat-resistant and high-quality glass material.
    This clear glass can withstand a temperature difference of 150°C (302°F) without breaking. So, it can be heated directly on the stove, and no problem to brew fruit tea, loose tea, herbal tea.
  • The tea strainer structure is smart.
    It has a unique design, which replaces the complicated French Press tea strainer design. It is easier to clean and more convenient brewing tea.
  • 304 stainless steel lid and strainer.
    Food grade material is safe and will not leak heavy metals.
  • Teapot has a thicker glass.
    It is safer and difficult to break for regular using.
Borosilicate Glass, 304 Stainless Steel.

700 ml /  23.66 oz

95 x 125 mm

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18 pcs/ctn