Infrared Cooker

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SKU: E-OT001-11-B
  • A deeper relationship start from cooking tea.
    Create a classic and luxurious visual experience in the space.
  • Saving electricity.
    Less than I dollar to get a pot of boiling water.
  • High speed heating.
    Just 10 minutes to get 1 liter boiling water.
  • Intelligent frequency conversion system.
    anel with temperature sensor can automatically conserve energy and adjust power rates for safe and efficacy.
  • Not picky about teapots.
    Suitable for lots different material kettles.
  • High end glass-ceramics panel.
    Heat quickly; bear high temperature up to 600°C and not broken when meeting water.
  • Sealed up the joint part of panel.
    Water and dust proof to protect PCB for security.
  • Simple design.
    Lightweight, small and easy to store.
  • Heat resistant PC case.
    Keep hot away from hands; strong and durable for use.
  • Sweet indicator light.
    Light on for heating; light flashing for standby.
  • One press for heating.
    It is convenient to operate, button with fire control of 12 stages.
  • Quiet fans with DC power supply.
    Quietly enjoy tea time.
  • Overheat protector.
    20 minutes will cut off power smartly if no operation.
  • Glass-ceramics panel.
    Strong and abrasion resistant; meticulous quality; easy to wipe and clean.
  • Automatically cooling system.
    Indicator light keep flashing and the cooling fans keep running for 6 minutes after turn off device.
    This is to help temperature going down and extend life of the device.
  • Two colors for choices.
    Light on for heating; light flashing for standby.
PCB, High end glass-ceramics panel.

2045 x 665 mm

110V , 220V


Packing Size:
10 pcs/ctn