Silver Lining Glass Teapot (700ml)

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  • Light and dark stripes, like a ray of sunlight shining on a teapot.
  • Crystal clear glass matches curved wood elements. This design is rich in a humanistic atmosphere.
  • Wider caliber design helps place tea leaves and fill water easily.
  • Clear glass and dancing tea leaves let the process of making tea become a visual enjoyment.
  • Finely-made glass filters can filter tea leaves completely and enjoy a cup of pure tea.
Instructions for use:
We recommend that you just fill up 60%~70% of full capacity when using. When pouring, please keep the waterline under the lid to avoid overflowing.

Borosilicate Glass, Wood.

700 ml / 23.66 oz

155 x 185 mm

Care Instructions:


Packing Size:
12 pcs/ctn