Quicker Glass Travel Bag (150ml)

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SKU: E-GL007-P2-B

This is an easy, convenient, and professional travel tea set. The Quicker Glass Travel Bag collects all the tea accessories into one teapot set with a bag and simplifies the process of brewing tea. Even just one person can still enjoy the tea aroma and taste the tea liquid anytime and everywhere.

  • All-in-one and personal teaware.
    Suitable to be used at home, in the office and for travelling.
  • Assist you in getting more pleasure from brewing tea.
    A professional teapot set to help you smell and taste tea.
  • Designed by Stackable Structure.
    The teapot and cup are stackable and easier to store.
  • Clear borosilicate glass material.
    This glass can be heated directly on the stove and is suitable for acidic and alkaline drinks. Also, you can review the changes in tea easily and stretch your mood. 
  • The tea filter is beautiful and efficient.
    It lets you easily taste pure tea liquid.
  • Light and carry it easily.
    Brewing tea everywhere.
  • Portable Bag.
    Soft, thick, protective, and gives glass teaware more safety.
    Borosilicate Glass.

    Pot  150 ml / 5.07 oz
    Cup 150 ml / 5.07 oz

    Pot  70 x 64 mm
    Cup 70 x 63 mm

    Care Instructions:


    Packing Size:
    60 pcs/ctn