Hammer Impression Tea Storage (400ml)

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SKU: E-OL002-03-B
Use elegant, clear glass jars to hold the freshest and original flavors.
  • High quality borosilicate glass.
    Corrosion-resistant and no chemical reaction.
  • Perfect hammer Impression texture.
    Comfortable touch feeling.
  • Heat-resistant Silicone Ring.
    Safe, clean and fit tight with glass.
  • Well sealed and damp proof.
    Suitable for keeping tea and coffee beans fresh.
  • Shining reflection.
    Tea looks shining and vivid by the light reflection of the glass.
  • Modern design and delicately made.
    Design concept connects Japanese hammer impression.
Borosilicate Glass, Wood.

400ml / 13.52oz

90 x 111 mm

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48 pcs/box