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Crescent Spring Kettle with thermometer (1100ml)

SKU: E-PT001-B1-B
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: Rust

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  • Crafted by high percentages of heat-resistant clay.
    It is safe and durable to stand for continuously heating.
  • Made of far-infrared clay material.
    The mineral ions will be released by heat. It can enrich the texture and flavor of the liquid to more sweet and smooth.
  • Handmade copper handle.
    It is crafted classical, simple and thick. The texture is so smooth for holding.
  • S type spout design.
    Parabolic pouring and without dripping.
  • Special glaze.
    The glaze is simple but natural and reflects the beauty of ceramic art.
  • Well-designed filter.
    No more tea ball strainers, baskets, or mess. Brew loose-leaf tea with ease.
  • 304’ stainless steel temp sensing needle.
    Safe material. Temp error is less than± 2°C.
Pottery, 304 Stainless steel, Food Grade Silicone, Nature Wood.

1100 ml / 37.19 oz

197 x 272 mm

Care Instructions:


Packing Size:
12 pcs/ctn