Colourful Ring Tea Ware Gift Set (400ml)

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A perfect blessing should be accompanied by a good present. A great glass tea set will convey your sincerity and bring more lovely days with your friend. That’s why the Colorful Ring Tea Ware 400ml gift set would be a good selection.

The Colorful Ring Teaware's glass teapot has a modern design that goes with any home style and and the weight is light enough to pour tea with one hand. It can be use to drink any kind of tea, because the high-quality borosilicate glass material is corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant. Also, the cups from this gift tea set is stylish and functional. With these cups, people can easily see the beautiful color of liquid before drinking tea and let the color enrich their day. That is to say, the more you use it, the happier you will experience. It will be the good teapot set for anyone in this modern age.

  • Designed for drinking tasty tea.
    Suitable to brew any type of tea and filter tea Ingredients easily.
    Slant design of the cup rim. Easier to sip hot tea.
  • High-quality and increase thick heat-resistant glass.
    It is thicker than regular glass teapot set and withstand an instantaneous temperature difference -4℉ to 300℉.
  • 304 stainless steel strainer.
    Food-grade stainless steel and let you drink tea safely.
  • Made of light and clear glass.
    The teapot is easy to control the brewing time and pour tea with one hand.
    The cup is easy to watch the colors of tea.
  • Food grade silicone ring.
    Prevent hot from you hands.
  • Lead-free glass teapot.
Borosilicate Glass, 304 Stainless steel, Food grade silicone.

400 ml / 13.52 oz
200 ml / 6.76 oz

180 x 90 mm

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24 pcs/ctn