Charming Taiwan Gaiwan (100ml)

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In Taiwan's traditional wedding banquet, the fascinating wedding dress is the most flattering classic totem. The red peony fabric decoration symbolizes joy, blessing, wealth, perfection, and happiness. Peony plays an important role in a bustling banquet. It affects whether the decoration of banquet, the ornament of the bridal chamber, or female wedding dressing. These stunning designs bring warmth and happiness to the ceremony.

This traditional pattern is always in Taiwanese memory. It not only represents the joy and blessing of a wedding banquet but also reminds us of the good old days. The idea of the “Charming Taiwan” series is to lead a renaissance of the old banquet-style decoration design. We believe this masterpiece artwork is never outdated.

Fine Porcelain.

100 ml / 3.38 oz

100 x 65 mm

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