Burnt Cream Sharing Bag (175ml)

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SKU: E-GA044-P3-B
  • Professional Teaware for you and your partner.
    Suitable for household, trip, or office.
  • Serrated Filter & Beech Top.
    The Well-designed filter does well in tea leaves filtration. It is also convenient for having the tea directly. The pretty wood top prevents hot. The lid is easy to pick up too.
  • Nature Linen Travel Bag.
    Thick enough to protect tea wares. Ensure it is safe to bring it out during vacation.
  • Light and Easy to Carry.
    It is how we enjoy tea time during the journey.
  • Young Colors.
    White, gray, blue, and pink, create a good mood for drinking tea.
Fine Porcelain, Wood.

Pot             175 ml / 5.9 oz
Big Cup     100 ml / 3.3 oz
Small Cup  75 ml /  2.5 oz

Tea set        92 x 78 mm
Travel Bag  105 x 97 mm 

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Packing Size:
36 pcs/ctn