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Retro Glass Kettle (1100ml)

SKU: E-PL001-H1-B
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The Retro Glass Tea Kettle uses heat-resistant glass that has top-level specifications. This kettle can't only brew hot water on the stove, but also the 304 stainless steel thermometer will let you easily control the water temperature.

  • The thicker handle design.
    The thicker handle is easy to hold, durable and safe.
  • The air hole structure.
    The air hole structure on the kettle helps pour water more smoothly.
  • The glass at the bottom of the kettle is thicker.
    This design is more stable, safe, and durable for daily use.
  • Kettle's Lid made of North America Walnut.
    It gives nostomania and a warm feeling.
  • Thermometer made of 304 stainless steel.
    With this tool, you can control the temperature precisely and make a pot of good tea.
  • The no-dripping and easy-pouring spout.
    Pouring water smoothly and no dripping.
  • Food-grade silicone seal ring.
    The silicone seal ring helps the lid fit tightly with the tea kettle. This material is heat-resistant and non-toxic.
  • Watching dancing tea leaves.
    Making tea becomes a kind of visual enjoyment with this clear glass kettle.
  • Well-made glass tea filter.
    Filter tea leaves efficiently and get a tasty tea.
      Borosilicate Glass, 304 Stainless steel, Food Grade Silicone, Nature Wood.

      1100 ml / 37.19 oz

      195 x 195 mm

      Care Instructions:


      Packing Size:
      12 pcs/ctn