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Aurora Tea Infuser Teapot (650ml)

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Now, you can choose a better and more beautiful glass teapot with an infuser to enrich your life. The Aurora Tea Infuser Teapot has an elegant and easy-to-use infuser to give you a friendly experience of brewing tasty tea, and the blooming flowers carving on its stainless steel tea infuser lead you into a garden of flower fill in tea flavor. A beautiful and happy day will start with a cup of good tea with the Aurora Tea Infuser Teapot.

See the USA influencer Harini share the Aurora Teapot Set.

  • Top Grade quality.
    Made of the top grade heat resistant borosilicate glass and mouth blowing by masters which resists scratching and could withstand an instantaneous temperature difference -4℉ to 300℉, which means this teapot is stovetop and microwave-safe. Wide opening top makes it easy to hand wash, it is also dishwasher top rack safe.
  • Removable Tea Infuser Filter.
    The fine mesh infuser filter is made of high-grade SUS 304' 18/10 stainless steel with food-grade PVD and can filter most tea leaves, including ultra-fine particles. That means you can brew loose tea, bagged tea, herbal tea, or even coffee. The infuser's original beautiful pattern filter holes design like a miniature garden in the teapot. The infuser height is 3 inches, 1.93-inch bottom diameter, generous plenty of space for the tea leaves to dance around and brew freely.
  • The Heat-Insulated lid Not Burn your Hand.
    The world's only revolutionary lid design, the double wall construction with strainer lid has a heat insulation function, so you won't be burned when brewing tea or removing the lid.
  • Not Dripping Spout.
    Spout is designed gooseneck shape and accurate water cutoff, so there will be no dripping and leakage when serving tea and precise control, so you can get every last drop into your cup without dripping.
  • Invert The Lid Become A Drip Tray.
    The infuser can be placed on the lid, don’t worry the table getting wet.
  • The Large Space Inside of The Infuser.
    Allows the tea flavor to be fully released in this glass teapot.
  • The Blooming Flowers Carving.
    Bringing low-key luxury into your tea life.
  • All materials have passed EU and German LFGB standards by SGS, ensuring health and safety.

Borosilicate Glass, 304 Stainless steel, Food grade silicone.

650 ml / 21.98 oz

111 x 190 mm

Care Instructions:


Packing Size:
36 pcs/ctn

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Math M.
Best glass teapot yet!

My husband's glass teapot's plastic top had begun to disintegrate and, anyway, I never liked the design. When I saw this glass teapot on the Vine listings, I knew it was the one that would satisfy both of us. We tend to make tea the Russian way: A very intense infusion in a small pot so that each person can choose how strong they want their tea and fill the rest of the cup with hot water. A glass teapot is ideal so that the strength of the infusion can be judged. This pot is absolutely perfect for that. The fretwork in the infuser allows water to flow freely between the tea and the rest of the pot. With a glass infuser there are usually just cut slots and tea leaves sometimes get stuck in them; there is no such problem with this infuser. What bits of tea leaves that do get through the filter are usually no bigger than those you would get with the premium nylon bagged teas. The pattern on the infuser is very charming and the brass metal matches perfectly with the very special Chinese brass tea implements that we have. The finish is more of a bright brushed brass. It makes for a harmonious tea table. You can also use the teapot without the infuser; the top fits the teapot alone just fine.

One particular thing I would like to point out is that this teapot is quite remarkable in how exquisite the sensation of pouring tea is from it. If you have ever used a waterfall faucet and enjoyed it much more than a regular faucet, you might appreciate the difference between this teapot's pour and others'. The laminar flow produced by this spout is delightful—and also prevents drips!

Great product!

Love this tea pot. It's gorgeous and sleek.
Easy to clean and a good size for 1-2 people. It is dishwasher and stove safe. The handle is sturdy as well.
Overall, I recommend!
Thanks for reading my review and I hope you found it helpful.

Finely Meshed Infuser is Super

The minute saw this exquisite teapot, I had to have it. I ordered it in the gold finish. Tea is one of my favorite indulgences and watching tea steep is very calming. I enjoy loose, bagged, herbal, and blooming tea combinations and they all work in this gorgeous pot. I enjoy them all, but red rooibos is a favorite. It looks beautiful as its rich color fills the clear teapot. I haven't found any loose tea threads in my tea; they stay in the infuser. Since loose tea is less expensive than the bags, I'll save money using this finely meshed infuser.

One thing that isn't clear from the description is that the infuser has a very fine mesh on the bottom, as well as the sides. I've tried to take a photo of the bottom of the infuser so you can see it too.
The teapot is smaller than I pictured in my head but makes three generous cups of tea per use. I'm drinking more green and herbal teas because of the ease of making tea. I was also impressed by the careful way the teapot was packed and transported.

Beautiful, but only for one person.

I originally thought it would be 3-4 cups size, and was surprised that it's basically an individual size. Having said that, I enjoyed sitting in the backyard having a nice cup of tea, using this infuser :)

M Khalaf
I like it very much

I loved this Tea pot because it is made for making tea and herbs that are good for the body with a strainer carved with flowers that lifts from its place and is easily cleaned, the glass of the jug is good heat resistance
It is very elegant in its design, but it is very small. It does not accommodate more than a few small glasses, which means that it is only enough for two people, but when I have guests, I cannot use it because it does not have a large capacity
It handles heat well, even in the microwave, over the stove
It is also important that it is made of wonderful materials that do not rust, and this is very important.