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Atlas Infrared Heater

SKU: E-TT002-01-B
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: Brown(110V)
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  • Multi-Functional.
    Perfect solution for boil water, keeping tea warm, making soup, and slow cooking.
  • Compatible with Many Materials.
    Different than an induction cooker, this infrared stove can be used with any teapot or pan-shaped cookware made of aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, or glass.
  • Small Size and Light Weight.
    The compact design means this stove consumes little space on your busy table, making it a perfect backup solution to cover a social party. It is an ideal choice in many places -- dorms, offices, campsites, and your home.
  • Good Heating Efficiency.
    Heat is distributed evenly and efficiently through infrared radiation, to achieve desired temperatures.
    **Please do not touch the black platform when this burner is running.
  • Safe.
    This stove is equipped with overheating protection. Other advantages include flameless operation, no carbon monoxide, and no radiation. It is safe and saves electricity compared with traditional induction cookers.
PCB, High end glass-ceramics panel.

1998 x 635 mm

110V , 220V


Packing Size:
10 pcs/ctn