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Tea Life 360 Teapot (450ml)

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From now on, you will be able to choose from a selection of better and more beautiful infuser mugs to enrich your lifestyle.

    A revolutionary world first in design, the filter teapot comes equipped with a versatile, unique and original filter strainer lid that can be used for a full range of tea experiences and applications. It is both a filter teapot and a mug.
    The fine mesh strainer is made with high-grade SUS 304' 18/10 stainless steel with food-safe PVD that could filter ultra-fine tea leaf particles. This means you can use it to brew loose tea leaves, bagged tea, herbal tea, or even coffee. The filter lid has a height of °.94 inches and a diameter width of 2.6 inch, plenty of space for the brewing tea leaves to swirl around and float freely.
    With the strainer lid on, the mug transforms into a teapot, allowing you to pour tea in a 360-degree angle without spilling, it is ambidextrous and can be used by both right-handed and left-handed individuals. The strainer lid is simple to disassemble, clean and reassemble, making it both sanitary and easy to use.
    Fine porcelain becomes corrosion resistant after magnetization, making it ideal for acidic or alkaline drinks.
    We at EILONG have a focus on the art of tea, teapots and tea accessories, we strive to be the tea brand of choice for tea enthusiasts worldwide, EILONG is dedicated to providing the best customer service and user experience possible. If at any point you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us directly so that we can provide you with the best solution for you.
Fine Porcelain, 316 Stainless Steel, Food Grade Silicone.

450 ml / 15.2 oz

77 x 116 mm

Care Instructions:


Packing Size:
36 pcs/ctn

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rose Martz
This is the perfect gift for tea drinkers!!!

I’m loving this mug! It is a gorgeous mug that keeps the loose tea leaves from ruining my enjoyment of my daily habit! I can literally take it on the go and enjoy a cuppa wherever I am without the fuss of looking for a cafe that will serve the perfect cup. The plus side is how easy it is to clean!! The lid also keeps the heat in! Highly recommend

Quality Ceramic Mug - good for loose leaf tea

Eilong is a well-known brand in Taiwan. I lived there for a year and I bought a tea set produced by the company while I was there. I don't use the set too often. It is too beautiful and hi-maintenance for daily use and so I save it for special occasions. Some of the company's products are now available in North America. This mug is designed for daily use. It's 15 oz and so it holds more than a standard 11 oz coffee mug. Like other reviewers, I love the large handle and the wider base. The ceramic is of a fine quality. My pics do not do justice to the real thing. Holding it you can feel the quality of the material. And it's of the right size for me, not too big and not too small. The selling point of this mug is that it doubles up as a teapot for a single person. There is a filter strainer that is connected to the lid. The lid is not aesthetically most pleasing. You can take it out if you really don't like it.

As a brewing device, does the mug give us enough of an edge that justifies its price tag? I'd give it a 4.5 star if I can. It's a good product, if your drinking habit can make the best of it. But for some, it probably doesn't make a huge difference. If you drink only tea bags, the improvement seems to me mostly incremental. Perhaps steeping a tea bag with the lid on can produce a stronger, tastier cup. But I'm not sure. The biggest improvement comes when you drink loose leaf tea. You can put a teaspoon or two of loose tea into the mug and brew your personal cup of loose leaf tea, as people in many parts of the world do. If you, like me, enjoy a cup of CTC Assam black tea in the morning, the fine mesh works like a charm. I use the mug to pour myself a clean cup of black tea. Of course, here's the catch. When you use the cup as a teapot, you'll have to find yourself a second cup. So the mug is not an all-in-one. But hey, who says brewing a nice cup of tea is effortless? The mug makes it easier though. Some reviewers said the lid fell out halfway pouring. It didn't happen to me. But I think it's a good idea to support the lid with your other hand while pouring.

V. Pack
Just what I was looking for

I actually ordered this mug not for the mug itself, but for the lid. This lid is perfect for just about any cup. I use the lid on my insulated tall coffee mug/thermos to keep my coffee extra hot. It works great to help keep my tea hot too.

Good Mug that can be used as a brewer.

It's a good mug, the lid is just ok. I been using this mug for the past 3 weeks and what I liked is the mug has a large handle, easy to grab and hold. Also the mug is wider on the bottom than the top, which makes it stable on a table and not easily tipped over. The lid is a mix bag however. It can be used to brew tea, which you can pour into another cup.... once I didn't push down hard enough to seat the lid properly and it fell out halfway pouring. So be sure the lid is pushed down with enough force.