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Welcome To Join Wholesale Partner

Our BUSINESS/WHOLESALE partners can basically get 50% discount on the wholesale price, and more order amount to get more discount again. More detailed discount information will be provided in the email of registered BUSINESS/WHOLESALE partners. We require that all wholesale partners place orders of $1,000 or more. We also accept mixed purchases.


▪ Brand Agent
▪ Retail Establishment
Houseware & Home Supplies Store
Gift Shop

▪ Food & Beverage Establishment / HORECA
Grocery Store
Tea/Coffee Shop

▪ Lodging Establishment
Bed and Breakfast

▪ Online Shop
▪ Trading Company
▪ Industrial Design
▪ Brand Company
▪ Other Commercial Wholesale or Sales Channels

In order to create a wholesale account, you must first complete the standard registration process and apply for wholesale status. We will review your account information and activate the account within 1~3 working days.