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Experiential Restaurant Program

Experiential Restaurant Program


EILONG® is always thinking about how to make consumers get to know more about us and our products.
So we have created two of tea (TEADAY®) and coffee (CATCHINGFIRE®) restaurants in Taiwan, providing all our design products for free use to consumers.

From tea and coffee wares, tableware, beverages, and desserts to interior decorations, to all-purpose deeply thinking.
We harmoniously integrate brand, product design, culture, and space together, and it catalyzes a unique feeling in these two restaurants.

Our experience plan tries to guide people to get a thoughtful, warm, and cozy lifestyle.
It allows us to find new inspiration and breakthrough ideas from the customer experience from this program.
Ultimately, we want all people to be amazed and satisfied by the experience of seeing, touching and using our products.

We hope that this program will have the opportunity to continue to expand in the future, so that consumers all over the world can enjoy our warmth, tasteful, brilliant tea, coffee and meal time.
We welcome anyone who is interested to join us and introduce the program to your country!


This is my tea day, the day starts after the first cup of tea
TEADAY® pursues a pure, simple and natural tea drinking experience
No matter where you are, you have your own tea day anywhere
No matter what time is, there is a moment that belongs to your tea time at any time
Enjoy a moment of happiness in life in TEADAY®'s space
Today is my tea day.

In TEADAY®, there are more than 500 kinds of teawares for free to enjoy and use
In TEADAY®, all teawares and tableware can be purchased and taken home
Today is my tea day.
Let every day be a tea day.

Teaday Restaurant meal


"Fire" is a developmental milestone of human civilization~
It is the beginning of world food culture and the origin of ceramics in Yingge Town.
Through the kiln, we use the flame to make all the beautiful utensils and tableware,
Through the kiln, we bake all the aromas of bread, desserts, and coffee beans
Through the kiln, we have cooked every kind of delicious food,
~ Three things all through at the kiln~
At the same time, it also inspired the humanistic style on the table in "CATCHING FIRE".

"Utensil" is not just a container, it also represents the "background" of each cuisine.
It not only placed the food, it also serving stories and ideas of cuisine.
EILONG® is based on 30 years of craft technic, and aim at perfect table display and coffee experience.
We create exclusive tableware and coffee ware series for "CATCHING FIRE".

Welcome to Catching Fire to experience and appreciate

Catching Fire Restaurant meal