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EILONG® was established in 1987 in Yingge, an ancient ceramics town in Taiwan.
EILONG® is the largest designer, developer and manufacturer of ceramic and borosilicate glassware in Taiwan.
We are constantly attempting to integrate modern avant-garde and oriental aesthetics in our quest for possibilities that break with tradition.
Design and integration into ceramics and heat-resistant glass, from ceramic design to creative ideas in porcelain and glass.
We are highly appreciated by the market in terms of design, ergonomics, technology and product quality.
EILONG® has won international design awards such as "Red Dot Germany", "IF", "Good Design Japan", and "Taiwan Excellence Award".

"Creativity, aesthetics and fashion" are the strengths of EILONG® design.
"New oriental culture and originality" is the insistence of EILONG® tasteful.
"Inspire your lifestyle" is the brand promise of EILONG®.

We will broaden your vision of life experience with our design that you never seem. Warm-up your future life experience and start happiness life of tasteful.

Through EILONG®, you can experience the warmth and exuberant happiness of tea and coffee wares.
Through EILONG®, you can have the tasteful of a new Oriental life.

We are committed to inspiring tasteful in life and enriching hearts and minds, and let us closer to each other.