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Award Winning Design

 Design Concept


The original creative design, the source of inspiration usually comes from the food experience and daily life.
The purpose of design should come from solving or improving people's life,
We believe that good design should have a triangular balance between "function", "aesthetics" and "quality".

And the triangle is the most indestructible structure and law in the universe

Excellent functions can add comfort and convenience to life, and gradually become dependent over time.
Classical aesthetics can reflect each other in the living space and add colorful to the lifestyle.
Safety quality allows products to be used safely for a long time and establish a truly lasting relationship with users, while reducing the amount of waste.

Over the years, our designs have won several global design awards such as "Red Dot", "IF", "Good Design" and "Taiwan Excellence".
We are eager to create products that can inspire your lifestyle.

Award Winning Design