Water Ripples Tea Tray

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SKU: E-WB019-01-B
  • High quality bamboo.
    Made by high pressure production process,
    it is strong and suitable for daily use.
  • Simple and meditation design.
    Combine the modern and eastern meditation.
    Nature and elegant beauty.
  • Water ripples and Drained lines design.
    Tea ripples expand as same as the waves.
    Drained lines can prevent tea overflow the tray and keep table clean. All Helps enjoy the beauty of silence.
  • Soft and none-slip pad.
    Protect table away form scratches and keep it more stable.
  • Right size.
    It's just a right size to use along with tea mat.
  • More about tea delight.


204 x 204 mm

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Packing Size:
10 pcs/ctn