Traveller Bottle (400ml)

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  • The porcelain made through high-temperature heating (1260℃).
    Fine porcelain is corrosion resistant and suitable for acidic or alkaline drinks.
  • Nanotechnology and mineral glaze.
    Mineral glaze on bottle surface can release healthy anion.
  • 304’stainless steel high-density and large mesh filter.
    Use food grade stainless steel and let you drink tea safely, and filter tea leaves without blocking and enjoy pure tea easily.
  • PP inner lid.
    Lid is BPA free and be made of heat resistant PP (No. 5).
  • Functional neoprene bag with Handle.
    Light, handy and prevent breaks, your sweet partner when traveling. Handle bag can be carried everywhere conveniently.
Fine Porcelain, 304 Stainless steel, PP(No. 5).

400 ml / 13.52 oz

70 x 152 mm

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Packing Size:
40 pcs/ctn