Simple Thermometer Glass Pot (600ml)

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  • Exquisite beech and clear glass create the country style.
    Beech handle sets off the exquisite quality. Clear glass creates a relaxing feeling.
  • Not only a teapot but also a tea pitcher.
    A multi-function tea accessory for brewing tea.
  • Lune-shaped tea filter.
    Filter tea leaves efficiently.
  • Pouring tea without any dripping.
    The spout is shaped like an eagle’s beak, which makes liquid go out of it smoothly.
  • The handle is easy and comfortable to hold.
    The Beech handle has an ergonomic design, and its angle is convenient for operations.
  • Stovetop safe.
    The pure and thicker borosilicate glass can withstand temperatures of up to 150 °C.
  • Thermometer.
    You can control the temperature precisely and make a pot of good tea.
Borosilicate Glass, Wood, 304 stainless steel.

600 ml / 20.28 oz

224 x 96 mm

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16 pcs/ctn