Shimmer Glass Infuser Mug (450ml)

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SKU: E-UL003-U3-B
  • Thickening Heat Resistant Glass.
    The instantaneous maximal tolerance temperature can be 150 degrees Celsius.
  • Healthy and Safe material.
    Can be filled in acidity and alkalinity beverage and keeps the original tea flavor.
  • Technological innovation.
    Outstanding effects of high precision filter keeps only pure tea flavor.
  • Composite material product design.
    Entirely elevate texture and manifest user’s taste.
  • Multifunctional walnut wooden cup lid.
    Dust preventable. Can hold the glass filter from leaking tea or used as dessert plate.
  • Thick and solid handle with enlarged cup lip.
    Easy to grab or hold, also easy to brew various kinds of drink.
  • Ample space of tea filter.
     Better way to release either tea leaves or tea flavor.
  • Colorless and limpid Glass Mug.
    Observe the change of tea water with ease and enjoy it with your tense release.

Borosilicate Glass, Wood.

450 ml / 15.21 oz

 84 x 118 mm

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Packing Size:
36 pcs/ctn