Chinese Cloud Cup (65ml)-2pcs

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“Ding ware” is a kind of white porcelain. However, it is a bit different compared to traditional "white porcelain". You may find it is slightly yellow which seems not to be burned enoughThe artistry is enriched by the special ivory yellow shadeThe unique color of “ding ware” porcelain is given by the kiln usedThis is caused by the combination of the 1% oxidization of iron and titanium in the kilnThe shade will be adjusted depending on the oxidization of the above materials.
  • Professional Tea Cup for Chinese Kong Fu Tea.
    Suitable for tasting Chinese Kong Fu Tea.
  • Exquisite and Rounded Shape.
    The exquisite and rounded shape is comfortable to hold by your finger.
  • The Elegant and Soft White Color.
    The elegant and soft white color brings relaxation and lifestyle to our household. We can see through the tea soup and enjoy the moment of having your cup of tea.
Fine Porcelain.

65 ml / 2.19 oz

70 x 40 mm

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300 pcs/ctn