Fusion-Asia Mug (300ml)

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The design is innovative. Crystal style borosilicate glass and porcelain create an amazing visual effect, which we call Fusion.

  • The concept of Fusion.
    Eastern porcelain totems and Western glass aesthetics combine in the design concept.
  • High-quality heat-resistant glass.
    Impurity-free glass material produces a pure, clear, and beautiful appearance. This glass material withstands transient temperatures of up to 150 °C.
  • Stunning glass refraction.
    Glass with ridgelines creates shiny refraction ripples.
  • Gold lines on porcelain contain 13% gold.
    Give your room a very classic and luxurious feel.
  • The embossed pattern is unique.
    "Ruyi" celadon originates in the East. It has been around for over 3,000 years. It is a symbol of blessing.
      Borosilicate Glass, Fine Porcelain.

      300 ml / 10.1 oz

      110 x 150 mm

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      Packing Size:
      36 pcs/ctn