Flat Top Tea Master Teapot (350ml)

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SKU: E-PL002-35-B
TEA MASTER is a special design with an improved filter structure compare with traditional French Press teapot. Unique lid is connected with filter and replace the complicated tea accessories. It is more convenient to use and easier to clean.
  • Top grade heat-resistant glass material.
    Glass is safe to be heated on stove directly. It can bear 150℃(302°F) instantaneous temperature difference without any break. Also, it corrosion resistant and suitable for acidic or alkaline drinks.
  • Delicate filter structure.
    Connect both lid and filter perfectly.
  • 304 stainless steel.
    Food grade stainless steel material which pass European Union (EU) food ware safety standard, and without any release of heavy metal.
  • High-density and large mesh filter.
    Filter tea leaves without blocking and enjoy pure tea easily.
  • Flexible and Double wall structure lid.
    Make sure the lid can fit tightly with the teapot and has a heat insulation function to prevent tea lovers from getting scald.
Borosilicate Glass, 304 Stainless steel.

350 ml / 11.83 oz

128 x 83 mm

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Packing Size:
36 pcs/ctn