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(Coming Soon...)Fashionable Leather Double Tea Set

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  • Exquisite Appearance design. The combination of leather, wood, and ceramic creates this unique artwork.
  • Jagged filter lid. Can pour out the tea from every angle.
  • Containing the teapot and 2 cups in a single teapot set.
  • Cherry wooden lid. Natural and reusable.
  • Big mouth design. Convenient for putting in tea leaves and water, as well as cleaning.
  • The well-cut leather handle is heat resisted and comfortable to grab.
  • The leather handle is stuck together by the copper colour button. It is very convenient to take it out and clean it.
  • Suitable for 1 to 2 people and can be used at home, in the office and outdoors.
  • Various colours can be picked! White, Green and Blue. It is how we decorate our life!

Pottery, Leather, Wood.

Pot    ml /  oz
Cup   ml /  oz
Cup   ml /  oz

Tea set   x  mm (Stacked)
Cup        x  mm
Cup        x  mm

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