Crescent Spring Kettle (1500ml)

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SKU: E-PT005-B1-A
  • High percentage of heat resistant clay.
    It is safe and durable for long time and repeated heating.
  • Far infrared clay material.
    Heating will release mineral ions make tea taste more sweet and smooth.
  • Handmade cooper handle.
    It is classical, simple, thick when holding and smoothly while pouring.
  • New spout design.
    Pouring water is powerful, smooth and stable. Stop water without dripping.
  • Special glaze.
    Glaze looks plain, rugged and express beauty of ceramic art.
    Glaze color looks warm and white like the moonlight.
  • 3 different chosen glazes.
    Show the beauty of plain, rugged and ceramic art.
  • Concentric circles bottom.
    Increase the heating area and increase heating speed.
  • Filter with lots holes.
    Filter tea leaves easily and convenient for use.
  • Air hole design.
    Not overflow when heat water and keeps hot from hands.
Heat-Resistant Clay, Copper.

1500 ml / 50.72 oz

135 x 130 mm

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Packing Size:
 12 pcs/ctn