Burnt Cream Sharing Bag (175ml)

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SKU: E-GA044-P3-B
  • Professional Teaware for Two People.
    Suitable for home use, travel or office use.
  • Serrated Filter & Beech Top.
    The filter is easy to filter tea leaves and easy to drink. The wood top is pretty and prevents hot and easy to pick up the lid.
  • Nature Linen Travel Bag.
    Thick enough to protect tea wares and safe to travel.
  • Light and Easy to Carry.
    Easy to enjoy tea time when traveling.
  • Young Colors.
    White, gray, blue and pink, give you a good mood of drinking tea.
Fine Porcelain, Wood.

Pot             175 ml / 5.9 oz
Big Cup     100 ml / 3.3 oz
Small Cup 75 ml /  2.5 oz

Tea set        92 x 78 mm
Travel Bag  105 x 97 mm 

Care Instructions:


Packing Size:
36 pcs/ctn