Love Earth Glass Straw Set

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SKU: E-GL001-W3-B
  • All-In-One Set.
    Contain of Beveled Straw, Pearl Straw, Straw Brush, Storage Bag.
  • It's really safe to see clean.
    The glass is not easily dirty, whether it is clean or not, you can clearly see it.
  • ECO-Friendly and Reusable.
    100% recycled. No burden for earth environment.
  • Safe material without poison.
    100% glass made, no plastic and PBA free.
  • Keep original taste.
    The only one material which is not affects the taste of tea and coffee.
Borosilicate Glass, Stainless Steel.

Beveled Straw             Ø: 90 mm    L: 226 mm
Pearl Milk Tea Straw   Ø: 140 mm  L: 210 mm
Straw Brush                  L: 210 mm

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