Tea Master Mug-Bagua (200ml)

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SKU: E-CL001-A1-B

The dilatability of heat-resistant is very low, so it can withstand one hundred and fifty degrees Celsius temperature difference instantaneously. Our coefficient of expansion of heat-resistant is 32. We use the most advanced specification and have same level of Japan. Products can not only brew hot water, also can withstand 500 degrees by stove. On the durability, we imported the most high-level pure ore which come from Australia. Heat-resistant ware is not easy to haze and the security is without doubt, it’s definitely your first choice of home goods.

    Borosilicate Glass.

    200 ml / 6.76 oz

    80 x 100 mm

    Care Instructions:


    Packing Size:
    72 pcs/ctn