Meditation-Lotus Functional Jar

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In Qing Dynasty Tongzhi 11 (1872 A.D.) September, the emperor got married and cost astonishingly. According to historical data and found that their wedding porcelain were very refined. The porcelain is colorful and bright, patterns on the porcelain were graceful and soft. The decoration is neat and lively, and full of enthusiasm and peaceful festival atmosphere. We selected the auspicious patterns of those, and redesign them, also adding the modern design elements. The original solemn patterns can also integrate into modern tea culture. This tea set series is also joining a special material-wood, which is a familiar material, and called “the deep meditation wind.” The design like this we called “compound design concept.”

Fine Porcelain.

170 ml / 5.74 oz
325 ml / 10.98 oz
70 x 85 mm
90 x 105 mm
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Packing Size:
72 pcs/ctn (170ml) 
60 pcs/ctn (325ml)