Twilight Tea Ware Gift Set (3pcs)

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Twilight Teaware Set (3pcs) is a Chinese teapot gift set. it depict the feeling at the end of autumn. The golden autumn wind and rain swept the leaf softly and into rich soil, like golden tea flowing into the tea cups.
The frosty color glaze of Twilight ceramic tea set lets users appreciate the beauty of autumn while drinking tea. The ice crack texture in this teaware glazing is known as "hundred-fold crackles" in modern language. This glaze was highly beautiful since it was stable and bright, with minute bubbles in the glaze that looked like ice beads.
The Cicada-style wooden handles of Twilight tea set is more smooth when making tea and fits ergonomics. In addition, the thread design on the wooden handle made it more cohered and secure. The use of a cicada-style wooden handle on the teapot set gave the product a more streamlined aesthetic and a richer meditation concept.
    Fine Porcelain, Wood.
    Teapot   210 ml / 7.10 oz
    Teacup    50 ml / 1.69 oz

    260 x 190 mm

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    20 pcs/ctn