Silver Glaze Vase-01

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SKU: E-OT001-18-B

Returning home to a beautiful and vibrant home after a long day is bliss. But, without compromising your modern style design, do you know how to add vitality to your home? A good option is use the square flower vase to decorate your home.
That's a reason the Silver Glaze Vase-01 is one of the pottery vases you should get. It will give more than liveliness to your home; it also presents your home with a unique artistic atmosphere to demonstrate your cultural literacy.

  • Beautiful of luxury will be more humane, liveliness, and bring you happiness.
    The Silver Glaze on this pottery vase is made of quality clay, various plant ash, and iron minerals. After it passed the multi-process, it appears a nature and gray silver rough trace. That will make you feel as if you blessed to have been given the chance to seek this silver stone from nature and use it for a flower vase to decorate your home.
  • Every stories from your home will be written on this vase surface.
    With the passage of time and use, this flower vase silently left those marks during change its glaze color.
  • Artistic crafts.
    This pottery vase was crafted from handmade, each product is a unique artwork.

    84 x 85 mm

    Packing Size:
    60 pcs/ctn