Silver Glaze Mug-11

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SKU: E-UT011-U1-B

A Handmade Coffee Mug expresses a desire for art and culture in one's life. A pour-over coffee displays an idea of a person who focuses on every detail of life. That's why we design the Silver Glaze Mug-11 for you.

The Silver Glaze Mug-11 is made by a pottery craftsman, and each step of the making process is focused to display flawless art and high quality. Every Silver Glaze Mug-11 is classical and luxurious, and the silver ion on its surface will enhance coffee's flavor as well as your refined lifestyle.

  • The special Silver Glaze makes the coffee mug more beautiful.
    The Silver Glaze was created using high-quality clay, diverse plant ash, and iron minerals, and it went through a multi-processing process. When it's finished, it has a natural gray silver color with rough feeling. This color combines classic and modern techniques to create a distinctive style of art.
  • Left the time on the ceramic mug's surface.
    This mug's glaze will be oxidized after use for a while, it lefts the pale traces of time quietly.
  • Classical and luxurious design.
    The classical and elegant shape of this coffee mug is different from the usual mug. It is a symbol of art and culture from your refined lifestyle.
  • Artistic handmade craft.
    This ceramic coffee mug was crafted by handmade, every mug is unique.

300 ml / 10 oz

108 x 105 mm

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72 pcs/ctn