Silver Glaze Mug-09

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A handmade ceramic mug is not only a coffee ware, but it's also a special utensil. It can guide you to a quiet and private place through the wonderful coffee aroma. In that personal space, the Silver Glaze Mug-09 (Modern) will become a good helper to inspire your mind. Its unique and modern mug shape will help you break out from stuck thinking, and the silver glaze on its surface will enhance the flavor of your coffee, making the coffee easier to inspire you to think.

  • The special Silver Glaze makes the coffee mug more beautiful.
    The Silver Glaze was created using high-quality clay, diverse plant ash, and iron minerals, and it went through a multi-processing process. When it's finished, it has a natural gray silver color with rough feeling. This color combines classic and modern techniques to create a distinctive style of art.
  • Left the time on the ceramic mug's surface.
    This mug's glaze will be oxidized after use for a while, it lefts the pale traces of time quietly.
  • Modern and unique shape.
    The modern and unique shape of this coffee mug is different from the usual mug. It is a symbol of breaking free from limitations and frameworks.
  • Artistic handmade craft.
    This ceramic coffee mug was crafted by handmade, every mug is unique.

270 ml / 9 oz

107 x 109 mm

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72 pcs/ctn