Iron Glaze Vase-04

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SKU: E-OT004-18-B

Looking for simple ways on how to decorate your coffee table? We recommend that using a coffee table vase with flowers.

Every home can benefit from displaying a few decorations having nature style. So, when you place the Iron Glaze Vase-04 on your coffee table in the living room. Its matte black and retro style glazed with a natural rough metal texture will bring some elegance and beauty of natural in your home, and the unique and modern shape of the vase is readily incorporated into your home's modern style design. Finally, people will feel at ease and happy as a result of each good on it.

  • The exclusive black iron glaze formula rebuilds the centuries-old black iron texture and interprets the rust and gold effect.
  • Elegant and antique glazed with a natural rough metal texture.
  • Antiquity-like texture. The glaze will oxidize in the air.
  • Handmade and fired in high temperature, each texture is unique.

102 x 92 mm

Packing Size:
60 pcs/ctn