Crescent Spring Tea Cooker(with thermometer)-600ml

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SKU: E-PT005-B1-B
  • Patent thermometer designed lid.
    Temperature mis-indicator less than 2∘C, easily manage water temperature to make tea.
  • Multi-functional- it is a tea pot, also a pitcher.
  • Made by high purity of heat resistant soil.
    Not-easy to crack even frequently and repeatedly heating. It is safe and durable.
  • Special Clay Material.
    Releases mineral ions while heating which makes tea tastes sweeter and much flavor.
  • Rustic aesthete- a beautiful fusion when ceramic pot meets walnut side-handle.
  • Concentric circles bottom- increase heating area and heat-up efficiently.
  • Ergonomic side-handle- can grip easily and fit in hand perfectly.
  • Hand-made inner built round filter- stain tea effectively.
  • Drip-free spout can pour out liquid smoothly- due to a special “hook” shaped opening.
  • Prof.-tea maker – make tea precisely via temperature control.
Pottery, 304 Stainless steel, Food Grade Silicone, Nature Wood.

600 ml / 20.29 oz

226 x 87 mm



Packing Size:
12 pcs/ctn