Bluish Green Ru Ware-Pitcher(230ml)

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Bluish Green Ru Ware-Pitcher.

  • Just fined thickness. Perfect for holding.

  • It is used to balance the flavour of various tea brews and act as a decent serving pot.

  • Recover the technique of our ancestors.

  • Ceramic crafting method successes from Southern Song Empire.

  • Unique colour, it is called “Like the blue of the sky in a clearing amongst the clouds after rain “by the scholar.

  • Agate glaze make incredible tactile quality and distinctive colour.

  • Milky white ware made by Kaolin. It is the most desirable material of ceramic. Combining agate glaze and Kaolin ware, we make perfect ceramic.

  • Distinctive crackles will be formed by age.

  • Craft your own artwork. Special crackles will be found when it was used.

  • Soft and smooth, like it will be melted in your hand.
Kaolin Clay Porcelain.
230 ml / 7.7 oz

99 x76  mm

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