Silver Lining Glass Tea Ware Gift Set (3 PCS)

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  • Vertical stripe design.
    Looks sparkling in any angle.
  • Crystal clear design.
    You can see though the teapot. It is absolutely satisfaction to watch how the tea was cooked.
  • High quality borosilicate glass.
    It can be placed directly gas or electric stove tops.
  • Elegant glass teapot and simple wooden handle.
    The perfect humanistic product.
  • The strainer helps to brew various kinds of tea and capture the small leaves inside the kettle.
  • Double wall heat resistant cups.
    Safe and elegant.
Instructions for use:
We recommend that you just fill up 60%~70% of full capacity when using this teapot. When pouring, please keep the waterline under the lid to avoid overflowing.
    Borosilicate Glass, Wood.
    Teapot   200 ml / 6.76 oz
    Teacup    45 ml / 1.52 oz

    260 x 190 mm

    Care Instructions:


    Packing Size:
    10 pcs/ctn