Art Yellow Glaze Tea Ware Gift Set (8pcs)

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This Ding Yao teapot gift set is a gongfu tea set. It has a special white color between pure white and Ivory, and this color makes people feel soft and relax. If you touch its surface, you will find it so smooth and warm. The Art Yellow Glaze Tea Ware Gift Set not just has a value of art also worth to collect.

  • The clay tea ware with high Fe2+ makes the drinking tea feeling more tasty.
  • The glaze color formed by high-temperature oxidation of minerals shows the aesthetics of the historic glazes.
  • The yellow glaze with black iron flecks, make the glaze more warm and comfortable when you touch.
Teapot  230 ml / 7.77 oz
Pitcher  230 ml / 7.77 oz
Teacup  80 ml / 2.7 oz
390 x 250 mm

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Packing Size:
10 pcs/ctn