Quicker Glass Tasting Set (150ml)

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SKU: E-GL002-P2-A
This is the easiest, convenient and professional tea ware design. Quicker collect all the tea accessories in one set, and simplify process of making tea. Smell tea aroma and taste its sweet. Even just one person still can enjoy a peaceful moment anytime and everywhere.
  • Solo tea accessory.
    Suitable to be used at home, in office and for travelling.
  • Help you know more about tea.
    A professional ware to help you smell and taste tea.
  • Stackable teawares.
    Teapot and cup are stackable and easier to store.
  • Top grade borosilicate material.
    Can be heat directly on stove and safe for daily use.
  • Borosilicate glass.
    It is anti-chemical, corrosion resistant and suitable for acidic and alkaline drinks.
  • Finely made filter.
    Creative crafts and efficiently filter tea leaves.
  • Transparent glass.
    Review the changes of tea easily and stretch mood accordingly.
  • Light and carry easily.
    Enjoy tea easily when travelling.
Borosilicate Glass.

Pot  150 ml / 5.07 oz
Cup 150 ml / 5.07 oz

Pot  70 x 64 mm
Cup 70 x 63 mm

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Packing Size:
60 pcs/ctn