Sunshine Double Wall Cup (100ml)-2pcs

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Sunshine is a double glass cup made of clear heat-resistant glass. This cup's color has the same permeability and refraction as water. Place this Chinese tea cup under the light after filling it with tea. You will be able to see the sunrise scenery. The color of yellow-orange tea, like the golden sunset, scatters.

This set of design ideas for a double wall glass cup not only added some visual delights but also improved the double wall construction. The new design not only provides better insulation but also removes one layer of the glass wall in the cup's pate, allowing it to better fit the user's lips. Let you easier and enjoy tasting tea.

Borosilicate Glass.

100 ml / 3.4 oz

65 x 65 mm

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Packing Size:
72 pcs/ctn