Chinese Cloud Tea Ware Gift Set (8 PCS)

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“Ding ware” is belongs to white porcelain system. However, the characteristic of “ding ware” glaze is not white enough in the white porcelain, and it seems not to be burn completely. The color of “ding ware” porcelain give people some slightly yellowy and the feeling of artistry is thicker. The kiln of white porcelain has little color of ivory. This result is the effect of the component of iron and titanium which has each 1 % oxidized. The whiteness would enhance if the fewer quantities of iron and titanium oxidized.

      Fine Porcelain.
      Teapot  180 ml / 6.08 oz
      Pitcher  185 ml / 6.25 oz
      Teacup   65 ml / 2.19 oz
      390 x 250 mm

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      Packing Size:
      10 pcs/ctn