Woodpecker Infuser Mug (400ml)

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SKU: E-GA036-U1-B

A cup of perfect tea is the spiritual source of the day.
The easy-to-use infuser mug is the driving force behind brewing tea.
The devil is hidden in the design details, and it is also the key to have a cup perfect tea.
From now on, you can choose a better and more beautiful infuser mug to enrich your life.

  • Elegant and simple wooden handle, it exudes a strong humanistic spirit.
  • Fine porcelain body with rock-like glazed surface, showing the premium texture.
  • The exquisite filter holes design on the infuser, it is like a mini garden on the table.
  • Ultra-fine filter holes of 0.4~1mm will not leak tea leaves or powder.
  • The infuser has a wide range of uses and strong practicability. It is suitable for all cups or teapots with a diameter between 58 and 95 mm.
  • Double-wall structure design of the lid, you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers when brewing tea.
  • Turn the lid upside down to become an infuser drip tray. The infuser can be placed on it without worrying about the table getting wet.
  • The large space inside the infuser allows the tea to fully release its aroma and sweetness.
  • The non-slip design of the silicone rubber ring makes it stable and noiseless when placed on the cup.
  • All materials have passed SGS EU and German LFGB standards to ensure health and safety.
Pottery, Wood, 304 Stainless steel.

400 ml / 13.52 oz

135 x 108 mm

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36 pcs/ctn