Flat Top Tea Master Teapot (650ml)

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SKU: E-PL002-65-B
TEA MASTER is a special design with an improved filter structure compare with traditional French Press teapot. Unique lid is connected with straner and replace the complicated tea accessories. It is more convenient to brewing tea and also easier to cleaning.
  • Top grade heat-resistant glass material.
    Using the world's top grade borosilicate glass raw materials, the teapot can be placed on the stove to cooking tea or boiling water, It can bear 150℃(302°F) instantaneous temperature difference. The glass is not easy to aging and fogging. The glass corrosion-resistant and suitable for acidic or alkaline tea 、coffee or juice drinks.
  • Delicate filter structure.
    It connect both lid and filter perfectly.
  • The spout has a special water cut-off design.
    The spout will be no dripping and leakage when serving tea, you can enjoy an elegant afternoon tea time.
  • High-density and large mesh filter.
    Filter tea leaves without blocking and relaxe enjoy your tea time.
  • Flexible and Double wall structure lid.
    Double wall structure lid has a heat insulation function, you don’t have to worry about burning your hands when brewing tea.
  • Passed SGS EU and German LFGB standards to ensure health and safety.
        Borosilicate Glass, 304 Stainless steel.

        650 ml / 21.98 oz

        132 x 120 mm

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        Packing Size:
        24 pcs/ctn